About Us


Addressing The Unaddressed is a not for profit social enterprise founded by Alex Pigot and Tina Roche.

We use the grants and donations and other capital we receive to address dwellings in slums and shanty towns and in unplanned settlements.

We create a database of the names and addresses of the people we have addressed and we licence that data to government, business and other NGOs.

We use the income generated from the licence fees to address more dwellings.

Addressing the Unaddressed is committed to full transparency and good practice standards in our work and also in our financial accounts.


Where you can find us

Dublin, Ireland
Kolkata, India

Our Vision

- Having a physical unique address enables a citizen to partake with relative ease in the necessary day to day activities such as social welfare entitlements, identity application, healthcare, business, utility supply etc. And this is particularly true for those people who are recognised as being in the ‘base of the pyramid’ (BOP).

- Our vision is for any person who is does not have a unique address, and especially those living in unplanned settlements (such as slums, shanties etc) and who wishes to have an address, may have one; and that the technology used will be of the most up to date 21st century technology that is user friendly, efficient and which is future proofed.

- Our vision is informed by our belief that an address is an essential attribute for any citizen and that having an address is fundamental to citizenship and democracy and a basic human right.